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A word from Commonplace Farm cofounder Jeremy Mueller.

As first generation farmers Ashli and I have had to learn everything from the ground up. There have been many long days, and few weekends off. There have been times when money was really tight. We’ve lived in a bus, a barn, and a milk-house and made sacrifices. We've had successes as well as many devastating failures. So what kept us going? 

All along Ashli and I have been engaged in a passionate conversation in which we explore and analyze possibilities for our farm. We've spent years talking almost daily, creating a compelling vision for the future. It’s been riveting, and just get's more exciting as we evolve and grow the vision. I realize now, it has been this on-going dialogue, these many iterations that have fueled our progress and helped us find inspiration.

As of today we’re running a beautiful, well-respected new farm that has the potential to make a substantial contribution to our community and be a key player in creating a better, lasting regional food system. Already about 10,000 people a week enjoy local, organic food from our farm. 

This is a great start. Part of the vision that Ashli and I imagined together has come into existence, and now we stand in a unique place with new horizons before us. Instead of feeling that we have arrived, we feel more like we are at the beginning of our potential as a farm. We could have a much broader positive impact in our region. 

As we move forward our vision for the farm has become bigger than Ashli and me. It can’t be managed by only two people. We need to build a team of determined, passionate, unflappable people to help us manage and run this incredible farm. So we’re looking for professional, career-minded people who are aligned with what we have started to help us take it to the next level. 


If you think this might be you please see the basic descriptions of positions below. Feel free to contact us through the Contact page to begin a conversation about a long-term career with us.

Be Well,


Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Sales Calls/Works directly with customers

  • Creates Packing Slips and Harvest Lists

  • Customer visits/in-store demos 1 day a week

  • New Customers/Maintaining Relationships

  • Special Projects/Marketing


Packhouse Manager

  • Works closely with Sales and Marketing Manager and Field Manager

  • Food Safety lead

  • Manages packhouse crew of 4-5 people to wash and pack produce

  • Manages product inventory and supply inventory

  • Communicates with the harvest crew

Greenhouse Manager

  • Grows Microgreens and Transplants

  • Communicates with Field Manager  about transplants going out

  • Communicates with Packhouse Manager about microgreens available/production 

  • Weekly meetings, Special projects

  • Manages Seed and Supply Inventory

Facilities Manager

  • Maintaining Farm infrastructure and equipment

  • Building projects

  • Keeping an inventory of parts and supplies

  • General upkeep on farm property

  • Keeping maintenance records and logs in an organized system

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