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Join our Crew

Job Description

    Farm crew members work as a member of a small team. Part of the week their team works in the field and greenhouse. The rest of the week they are responsible for work in the packhouse. This allows for a wide variety of tasks day to day, week to week, and throughout the season.

    Crew members are trained on-the-job to preform the tasks they will be responsible to carry out (these tasks are listed below). We will have weekly crew meetings and monthly personal meetings to stay in communication. We also encourage farm crew members to take advantage of the resources of the farm garden and farm lending library if this interests them.  


Skills and Requirements

    We are looking for healthy, balanced, mature people we can trust. We need people who come to work on time prepared for the day. Farm experience is good, but not required for this position. We do require all crew members to have physical work experience as farming is a very physically demanding job..

    Working on the farm requires lifting 50 lbs repeatedly, bending, kneeling, squatting, and standing for long periods in all weather conditions (cold and rainy as well as hot and sunny). Please consider these requirements carefully before applying. We are seeking hardy people who can work gracefully with others and meet the many challenges of farm work with good humor. 


All crew members must:

  • Come to work on time dependably.

  • Have a working cell phone for communication.

  • Be able to follow instructions and pay attention to details.

  • Be able to commit to staying the duration of the season.

  • Be physically fit and able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly. 

  • Provide their own rubber boots and work footwear.

  • Be able to cope with the many challenges of farm work.

  • Be able to encourage others and see good in other people.

  • Be able to gracefully accept constructive criticism.

  • Be able to communicate clearly with other crew members and managers


Field/Greenhouse Work:

  • Harvesting- by hand with a harvest knife and mechanically

  • Cultivating- hoeing and using a tractor mounted cultivator

  • Transplanting-on a tractor mounted mechanical transplanter

  • Basic tractor operating (taught on-the-job)

  • Weeding- around valves and along laterals

  • Irrigation work- Moving pipe, assembling/disassembling it.

  • Mowing/Weed Whacking and general property upkeep/maintenance. 

  • Sheet steaming- with a steam generator and tarps for weed control.

  • Record keeping using electronic logs

  • Filling trays with potting soil, seeding transplants and microgreens

  • Growing transplants and microgreens in the greenhouse. 

  • Helping with special projects 

Packhouse Work:

  • Triple-washing, spinning, and air drying salad greens.

  • Packing, weighing, sealing, and filling cases of salad. 

  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, refrigerators, work surfaces, etc. 

  • Using pallet jacks to move salad, harvest/storage crates, etc. 

  • Going in and out of walk-in refrigerators

  • Organizing and assembling orders going out to grocery stores. 

  • Keeping records and filling out packhouse logs

  • Stocking Supplies and taking inventory



Start Date: End of May

End Date: End of October

Work Days: Monday through Friday.  

Work Hours: 8 hour work days with 10 minute breaks and a 1 hour unpaid lunchtime. Work start/end times vary seasonally but are generally 6:30AM-3:30PM and 7:30AM-4:30PM.



2023 Farm Crew Members make $15/hour. We pay overtime over 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week, but rarely go into overtime. For every 30 hours worked 1 hour of “sick time” is earned which can be used to pay for time taken off due to sickness. Everyone on the farm is welcome to take home fresh produce from the abundance of the farm. Other produce may be available at times from our farm garden, where we grow produce for our family and crew. The farm library is also a resource available to farm employees.


Please thoroughly fill out the Farm Crew Member Application to be considered for hire. Thanks for your interest in the farm!

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