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Mild Micro Salad

What happens when you grow broccoli, mizuna, bok choi, kale, cabbage and amaranth seedlings and harvest the whole plants at their most tender stage? You get a beautiful superfood packed with phytonutrients and great flavor.

Eat them for your health or eat them for fun. Eat them with our other salad greens or add some pizzaz to a dish by sprinkling them on top.

Sweet Pea Salad

Think sugar snap flavor and salad leaf texture with a crisp, refreshing stem. These tender young plants are loved by local chefs who use them as a side salad, mixed with our other greens, or as an appealing (and tasty) garnish.

IMG_20180524_145335_252 (1).jpg

Spicy Micro Salad

Our special blend of Spicy Mustards, Asian Greens, and Radish Microgreens make for a great salad with a spicy bite!

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