Packhouse  Manager 

This is a new position on our farm. Up until this point Ashli has managed the packhouse, but as we grow and she takes on several other responsibilities, we find ourselves in need of someone dedicated to this task. The packhouse is where all of the salad grown on our farm is washed, dried, chilled, packed, and assembled into orders that go out to restaurants and grocery stores. This season we plan to have a packhouse crew of 6 people. The packhouse manager will work closely with Ashli and Jeremy and be responsible for running packhouse operations. We're looking for someone who is patient, kind, hard working, and who does well under pressure. Good communication skills and humility are a must. We need someone who can lead by example and work to create a positive and inviting work atmosphere for the packhouse crew. 

Job Description: Tasks include working with and overseeing packhouse crew to wash, dry, chill, and pack produce as well as wash totes, label packaging, assembling orders,  filling out logs, taking inventory of supplies, and general cleaning and sanitizing. The packhouse manager is the Food Safety lead and will be responsible to implement Good Handling Practices in the packhouse. To maintain good communication the packhouse manager will also have weekly meetings with the packhouse crew and Ashli and Jeremy. Taking inventory of supplies and re-ordering. 

Full-Time, Full-Season (mid-April through mid October) year-round employment may be a possibility.


Compensation: Starting at $15 an hour plus farm-fresh produce. Time and a half for overtime.

Workdays: 7:00AM-4:00PM. Monday through Friday. 

Please fill out the Packhouse Manager Application to be considered for hire.

Thanks for your interest in our family farm!