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 Packhouse  Manager 

Job description

    The packhouse is where salad grown on our farm is washed, dried, chilled, packed, and assembled into orders that go out to restaurants and grocery stores. The packhouse manager will be trained by Ashli and Jeremy and be responsible for managing seven farm crew members to get work done in the packhouse.

   We're looking for someone who is excellent at managing people, has good communication skills, and is interested in long term employment on the farm. We need someone who can lead by example and work with us to create a safe, healthy, and inviting work atmosphere for farm crew members. 


Skills and Requirements

    This position requires previous work experience managing people. We also require previous experience doing physical work, as working in the packhouse is a physically demanding job. 

    Previous farm experience and packhouse experience is a huge plus. Managing the packhouse will require patience with crew members and the ability to not be reactive if conflicts arise. Planning the packhouse work, getting it done in a timely manner, and checking supply inventories will also require strong organizational skills. 


  • Manage farm crew of seven people to wash, dry, chill, and pack produce

  • Organize packhouse workflow and give crew members clear instructions

  • Work with Ashli (who manages the farm office and sales)

  • Works with Jeremy as the Food Safety lead

  • Print case labels 

  • Manages product inventory and supply inventory

  • Communicate with the Eric (the Field Manager)

  • Oversee cleaning, sanitizing, and organization of the packhouse

  • Record keeping using electronic logs

  • Assemble and check orders in the fridge



Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 4:00PM during the main season. We may be able to offer year-round employment to someone who is able to help with other work in the Winter. 



$18/hr. We pay overtime over 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week, but rarely go into overtime. For every 30 hours worked 1 hour of “sick time” is earned which can be used to pay for time taken off due to sickness. Everyone on the farm is welcome to take home fresh produce from the abundance of the farm. Other produce may be available at times from our farm garden, where we grow produce for our family and crew. The farm library is also available to farm staff.

Please thoroughly fill out the Packhouse Manager Application to be considered for hire. Thanks for your interest in the farm!

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