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Part-time Packhouse Crew Member

Job Description

    Part-time packhouse crew members work just 8 hours a week to help wash and pack salad from 7:30-11:30 on Mondays and Thursdays. Other hours may also be available. This is a good way for someone to be involved with the farm who cannot commit to being a full-time crew member. One very nice perk of the job is that you can bring home free salad 2 times a week. 


Skills and Requirements

    We are looking for healthy, balanced people we can trust. We are working to create a workplace of mutual respect, trust, and communication. No farm experience is needed for this position.


All crew members must:

  • Come to work on time dependably.

  • Have a working cell phone for communication.

  • Be able to follow instructions and pay attention to details.

  • Be able to commit to staying the duration of the season.

  • Be physically fit and able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly. 

  • Provide their own rubber boots and work footwear.

  • Be able to cope with the many challenges of farm work.

  • Be able to encourage others and see good in other people.

  • Be able to gracefully accept redirective feedback.

  • Be able to communicate clearly with other crew members and managers


  • Washing salad

  • Packing salad

  • Cleaning in the packhouse

  • Being nice



Start Date: June

End Date: End of October

Work Days: Monday and Thursday 

Work Hours: 7:30-11:30 AM



2024 Farm Crew Members will make $15/hour. Everyone on the farm is welcome to take home fresh produce from the abundance of the farm. Other produce may be available at times from our farm garden, where we grow produce for our family and crew. The farm library is also a resource available to farm employees.


Please thoroughly fill out the Part-time Farm Crew Member Application to be considered for hire.

Thanks for your interest in the farm!

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