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Wellness Blend

This healthy mix of sweet and mild Asian greens contains mizuna, bok choy, tatsoi, and mustards. Out of hundreds of varieties that we have grown we chose this handful to create the most balanced, beautiful, and delicious salad we can conjure.

Fresh Spinach

Buttery, dark green, crisp; You can't get this kind of freshness from out-of-state. We have spent years matching the best varieties to our soil, bioregion, and seasons. The result: some of the best spinach anywhere, available only in the Pacific Northwest.

Petite Kale

Kale is great, but sometimes large leaves can be unruly or a little bitter. Our Petite Kale fits on a fork and is sweeter and more tender than large bunched kale. Just add dressing or throw in a blender or wilt as a braising green or... well, you get the point.

Wild Arugula

Add some spice to your life. This peppery salad green, loved worldwide and served for centuries, is sometimes challenging to the American palate. But watch out, once you get a taste for it there's no going back. We eat it just about everyday on the farm and have been described as "verifiable Arugula addicts".


Lettuce Mix

A staple among our die-hard, local-salad community, this blend includes the very best lettuces in a balanced and beautiful combination. If you're looking for peak freshness, delicious flavor, crunchy texture, and striking color this is where it's at. 

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