Work with us. 

A note from Jeremy at Commonplace Farm

Ashli and I were drawn to farming by a desire for good work, a more elemental life, and an interest in environmental ethics. We have worked hard for a decade to build a farm that serves the health of our local community from the soil up. 

    Together we founded Commonplace Farm on 24 acres in Corvallis, Oregon where we grow a wide variety of organic leafy greens using regenerative farming practices. It's not just Ashli and me now. Our daughter Marion joined us and we have a lively crew of 3–15 people working with us depending on the time of year. 


Together we are:

  • Improving organic, regenerative agriculture

  • Caring for natural resources

  • Reducing the use of non-renewable resources

  • Mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration

  • Reducing food miles

  • Helping create a more equitable and diverse local food system

  • Offering fresh, healthy food to our neighbors


Farming is difficult and heavy work. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you think you would like to work with us follow the links below to learn more and apply. Thanks for your interest in the farm!

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