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 Delivery Driver 

Job Description

   It takes a crowd of hardworking people on the farm to plant, cultivate, irrigate, harvest, wash, and pack high quality greens for local folks, but we can't stop there. The last leg of the journey is one of the most important. We need dependable people to get our greens to local folks.

   We count on our delivery drivers to be courteous and efficient. As they deliver fresh, local produce to grocery stores they are ambassadors of the farm and the only crew members who regularly interact with our customers face-to-face. This is a job for a responsible, trustworthy person who likes to be on the road and isn't afraid of driving a 16' box truck in city traffic.

Skills and Requirements

We need drivers who:

  • Come to work on time dependably

  • Have good communication skills

  • Follow instructions

  • Pay attention to details

  • Commit to staying the duration of the season

  • Are physically fit and able to lift up to 50 lbs. repeatedly

  • Are able to climb in and out of a box truck repeatedly

  • Get appropriate rest before work

  • Drive safely, courteously, and carefully

  • Have a good driving record

  • Are focused and alert while driving

  • Have some driving experience

  • Arriving at work on-time ready for the day

  • Conducting pre-trip safety checks

  • Checking and loading orders into truck correctly

  • Using the pre-trip checklist

  • Refueling your delivery truck

  • Monitoring and maintaining a continuous cold-chain 

  • Driving safely within the speed limit

  • Getting proper rest before work for safety



Season: End of May through End of October

Work Days: Tuesdays and Fridays, 5:30AM to about 1:30PM


 18/hr, plus farm fresh produce. Everyone working for the farm is welcome to take home fresh produce from the abundance of the farm. Other produce may be available at times from our farm garden, where we grow produce for our family and crew. The farm library is also a resource available to farm employees.

Please fill out the Delivery Driver Application to be considered for hire.

Thanks for your interest in our family farm!

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