Packhouse Crew 

We have to wash, dry, cool, and pack tons of salad every week during the main season at Commonplace Farm. This takes the work of a dedicated packhouse crew; a dynamic team of 6 people working together to prepare and assemble orders for grocery stores and restaurants throughout Oregon. It is our packhouse crew working behind-the-scenes who make it possible for us to feed thousands of people with fresh, local, organic greens.


This takes focus, efficiency, grit and a healthy dose of good humor to accomplish. This is a fun and fast paced job for those who like to be part of a team and work closely with other people. Wanna sign up for a season with us? Here's some details:

Job Description: Tasks include washing and drying salad, packing produce, washing totes, labeling packaging, assembling orders,  following food safety protocols, filling out logs, taking inventory of supplies, and general cleaning and sanitizing.

Full-Time or Part-Time

Season: April through October.


Packhouse Workdays: 7:30AM–4:30PM. Monday–Friday 

Compensation: Starting at 13.75/hr and farm fresh produce.

Please fill out the Packhouse Crew Application to be considered for hire.

Thanks for your interest in our family farm!